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Desert National Park


The Desert National Park is an excellent example of the ecosystem of the Thar desert and its diverse fauna. Sand dunes form around 20% of the Park. The major landform consists of craggy rocks and compact salt lake bottoms, intermedial areas and fixed dunes which are quite suitable for the chinkara to move at high speed. The blackbuck is another common antelope of this region. Its other notable inhabitants are the desert fox, Bengal fox, wolf and desert cat.

Among the most sought soon after vantage points from the park is the Sudashri view tower from exactly where 1 can observe the varied resident wildlife species of the sanctuary.

The Sudashri tower provides great wildlife photography opportunities and you can shoot your cameras for your hearts content.

The sanctuary can be rich in avian species and you will be taken aback from the sweet melodious simply call of the grey patridge. Resident avian species of the sanctuary consist of bush quail, Indian rollers, drongos, green bee-eaters and they are typically seen frolicking within the wetland regions of the sanctuary.

The piece de resistance of all of the avian species is marvelous Terrific Indian Bustard which was once declared by avian researchers to become extinct may be seen proudly surveying the sanctuary in its own inimitable model.

The Desert Nationwide Sanctuary is additionally wealthy in reptile species. One can simply sight the extremely poisonous Spiny Tail Lizard, Watch Lizard plus the Saw Scaled Viper, that are discovered in abundance at Desert Nationwide Park.

Best Time To Visit Desert National Park
The best time to visit Desert National Park is during September to March.

How to Reach Desert National Park

By Air:
The nearest airport is Jodhpur which is about 285 km.

By Rail:
There are various trains that connects Jaisalmer with various small and big towns and cities of Rajasthan.

By Road:
A good network of roads joins Jaisalmer with many destinations in and around Rajasthan.

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